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Shala W. Graham, the principal of Brand Calling, was born to teach and train! Whether she’s sharing her insight into branding and website strategy, or her passion for leading a Christ-honoring life, she enjoys connecting with her audience, teaching them new ways of seeing things, and making them laugh along the way.

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Speaking Programs

Nonprofit/Business Topics

Son of a Brand: Intentionally Build Your Brand

Branding happens to every organization, whether they plan it or not. When organizations intentionally build an authentic brand, they are able to navigate the sector with fewer “son of a brand” moments! We’ve all experienced those moments. Moments where your staff isn’t communicating consistently about what you do. Moments when your donor base is too small because your audience can't connect your organization to what matters to them. Moments where the grant you hoped for didn’t come through because you couldn’t demonstrate your unique value to the community.

In this session, learn how to think about and develop your brand values and personality, the difference between a tagline and a positioning statement, and how all of that sets the foundation for effective storytelling.

Websites that Work…and How to Get One

Tackling a new website for your nonprofit is no small task. Words like wireframes, content strategy, prototypes, user experience, and more start flying around and it's easy to get lost or overwhelmed. In this workshop, understand what makes a website really work, how to set proper expectations for your designer and yourself, and what you can do to properly plan for this endeavor.

Finding Your Niche

Can you imagine your business working only with the clients you actually want to work with? In this masterclass, you'll receive practical tools that will help you identify your ideal clients and help your ideal clients know you are the perfect fit for them! With a clear and solid unique selling proposition (USP), you will immediately stand out from your competitors and find yourself doing more work you enjoy.

Ministry Topics

Obedience is the New Black

There is nothing like a holy kick in the behind from the Lord to inspire us to obey. But can you imagine life without any holy kicks (or at least fewer)? Throughout the scriptures we see the way God has disciplined His people for being disobedient and blessed them beyond their wildest dreams by simply doing what they’ve been asked to do. When you’re trying to impress God, obedience never goes out of style!

Transformers: Christians in Disguise

Life is hard and full of expectations—some fair and some ludicrous. To manage these expectations that others have of us, our nature is to change to appease the crowds. Do you really think Optimus Prime preferred being a Kenworth K100 cab over truck instead of a sentient robot with built-in artillery? I think not! But we become real-life transformers, masking our truest and best and most power identities as disciples of Jesus Christ in an effort to fit into a world to which we don’t belong. Discover your real identity and stop transforming!