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Brand Calling’s Trust Activator branding process is designed for nonprofit organizations who need to differentiate their services from the multitude of other organizations who are competing for the same dollars and supporters.

In any given region, multiple organizations do very similar work: from feeding the homeless, to helping underrepresented groups thrive, to finding a cure for cancer; to advancing the gospel. The challenge lies in understanding who your organization is at its core, how your organization is different, then communicating that difference by building a brand reputation that people will trust and want to support.

Trust Activator branding process

After being certified as branding experts in the Brand Academy’s proven branding process, we customized and developed the Trust Activator branding process to meet the unique needs of our nonprofit clients. For years, our clients have invited us into their worlds as creative experts and allowed us to guide them towards branding solutions that help them move their causes forward.

The Trust Activator is facilitated by Shala W. Graham, the principal of Brand Calling. Understanding that your organization’s brand is developed and managed by a range of stakeholders, we help you identify the right branding team to participate in this process. Our time together reveals so much about the organization and often serves as an excellent team-building opportunity where everyone’s contributions are valuable.

The Expected Outcomes of our Branding Process Include:

  • Agreement among decision makers
  • A brand that is authentic and based on facts
  • A brand that the public can trust and connect with on an emotional level
  • Ownership and buy-in to carry the brand forward
  • A message that has strength and depth to stand the test of time
  • Correct positioning of your organization in the sector
  • Alignment of your organization with the correct advocates and supporters
  • Clarified brand message so that all stakeholders "know" the brand and what to expect from it
  • A strong foundation for marketing and design solutions
  • Differentiating your brand, giving it strength to stand apart from other organizations