Why Your Design Needs to Be Interactive

  • by Ryan Phillips
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Now more than ever, you’ll hear creative teams talking about the importance of "interactive design." This isn't just another case of emphasizing something that seems hot or exciting in the moment. As it turns out, utilizing the principles of interactive design can be a great way to improve response and make a stronger impression on prospects and customers.

Although it means different things in the Internet age, the goal of interactive design – which is to get viewers physically, mentally, and emotionally engaged – isn't new at all. In fact, for decades marketers have been sending out postcards and other direct mail pieces that readers have to handle. The psychology is simple: The more a person is forced to "use" what they are holding, the more interested in it they become. That's just human nature.

When you think about things that way, integrating interactive design into your campaigns is a no-brainer. It's so easy for a viewer to take their attention elsewhere, so why not give them something that keeps them engaged? You can't win someone's business until you've won their attention, and interactive design is a good first step.

Here are a few more benefits you get from embracing interactive design:

Communication with your audience is more meaningful

When people are doing, they're also learning. That means interactive design isn't just for selling, but also for teaching, team-building, and lots of other uses. The more you need your message to "stick," the more important interactive design becomes.

Experience with your business is more personal and memorable

The more you touch, play, or interact with a specific object, the more of your attention it receives… and the more memorable it is as a result. Because learning and doing are so intertwined, interactive design is great for teaching new concepts and ideas to viewers.

Engagement leads to better results

As we have already mentioned, interacting with any marketing piece, online or off, tends to pull more of a viewer's attention. That, in turn, gets them thinking more about whatever you have to offer, and ultimately leads to better retention and follow-through.

The bottom line? Having people interact with your marketing pieces is a good way to convince them to take the next step in any sales or donation process. That means it's something that has value to any organization and/or marketing piece.

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