Why You Need a Brand Guide

  • by Christine Batta
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Chances are, you’ve put a great deal of time, effort, and creativity into your organization’s brand. So what are you doing to ensure it stays intact?

More and more, nonprofits are relying on brand guides to outline things like how their logo is to be used, which words and phrases should be capitalized (or not), what kinds of language the organization wants to stay away from, and so on.

In this way, the brand guide can serve as a quick instructional sheet that helps someone understand, in an instant, how they can keep the organization’s goals and messages intact.

If you don’t already have a brand guide in place, I would strongly urge you to put one together and start using it immediately. Here are a few good reasons:

A brand guide forces you to think about important questions.

The simple act of developing a brand guide forces you to think about issues (like the ones I mentioned above) that can have a subtle but important effect on the way your organization is perceived by the public. It’s better to take a little time and thought to find the answers you need than it is to leave it to chance.

Your brand guide focuses your internal marketing team.

With the brand guide in place, your internal marketing team can always be in sync and on the same page. You won’t have different individual styles that lead to mismatched webpages and brochures, for example, which make your organization seem less than professional.

A brand guide is invaluable to contractors.

If your brand guide is helpful to internal employees, it’s absolutely invaluable to contractors who may be helping out with your marketing but aren’t familiar with your past preferences and priorities. With a thorough brand guide in place, they can step in and seamlessly transition into your most important projects.

Like your brand itself, your brand guide may grow and change over time. The more thorough yours is, however, the more value it’s going to have… and the easier it will be for your organization to stay on track and on message.

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