Why Design Can’t Be Overnight

  • by Shala Graham
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For designers, making deadlines is a major part of meeting a clients needs. Both parties have the same goals. Each wants to deliver a great final product in a smooth and timely manner. As with many of the other topics on our blog, the best way to proceed is through communication and understanding.

Although both parties have the same ultimate goals it is important to communicate what the needs and expectations are on any project Clients have a definitive need when they approach a design team with a project. Most of the time there is some sort of inciting element or circumstance that creates a deadline for the project. While this isn’t always the case and the final deadline can be unclear, it is important for clients to share, as best they can, what their needs are and any deadlines. Designers, when informed, can help navigate deadlines and execute projects to meet your needs.

Good Design Is A Process

Designers are flexible. Good design teams understand that time constraints are a reality and can work around them. . The fact of the matter is that design is a process and good design takes time. The more room there is for exploration, research and strategy, the better opportunity a designer has to execute the clients needs.

Design is all about communicating the messaging and values of your brand through visuals. The best results come ultimately from the successful communication invested into the process from both client and designer. Designers need to know and understand clients and their nonprofits in order to craft good design. It’s a relationship and like all good relationships there needs to be a foundation of balance and communication.

Rushing Is Not Good For Your Brand

It’s inherent to the circumstances for clients to have deadlines and time constraints tied to the needs of a design project. It is not a designer’s goal to eliminate or disregard deadlines. Effective design teams like to plan ahead with their clients to ensure all of their needs are met.

If you plan in advance and communicate, design projects can be a process of discovery and reflection on your nonprofit. A great dialogue and relationship can form that will result in a final product that truly impacts your brand. It just takes putting in the time and effort. Nothing worth having comes overnight.

For more information on the design process and how to plan for successful design, contact the SW Creatives team.