Why Clients Love Retainers (After the Fact)

  • by Shala Graham
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Sometimes, you can almost feel the air getting sucked out of the room when we mention the word “retainer” during a client meeting. For executives that aren’t used to paying them, they sound like a slick scheme that those of us in the creative industry have developed to get more of your cash every month without having to put in any additional work.

The reality, though, is that most of our clients love having us on retainer… but only after they’ve been brave enough to try it. Here are a few of the biggest reasons that your monthly retainer could add up to a much bigger value than you think:

When you’re on retainer, you get VIP service.

In a creative agency like ours, retainer clients are ones we know we’re going to be keeping beyond the current project that’s at hand. And so, when these organizations need something from us, it takes priority over other work.

Retainers let you set a long-term budget.

Occasionally, we hear people grumble about the up-and-down nature of marketing expenses – they hate having to pay more in some months or quarters than another. With a retainer arrangement, it’s much easier to set a predictable long-term marketing budget.

Visual consistency for your brand.

When you have a retainer, you may find that you can get more work designed in a given year because it's already budgeted for. More materials designed by brand-minded professionals means your organization will have a strong, consistent visual presence.

You reserve time with the agency’s best team.

You’re not the only one who has to schedule campaigns ahead of time. When you are on a retainer, your creative team can assign your project to the best artists and writers in advance. Conversely, they might not always be available to work on an impromptu project.

Although retainer arrangements are often thought of as being good for an agency, the truth is that they can represent a real “win-win” for both parties. Why not call SW Creatives today and explore whether a monthly retainer could help you get better creative work and a more predictable marketing budget all at once?