Why Branding Matters More to Nonprofits Than Businesses

  • by Shala Graham
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Does branding matter to nonprofits the same way it matters to businesses? At SW Creatives, we wouldn’t just argue that it matters, but that it actually matters more for nonprofits and charitable groups.

Why? Because companies can try to fill a need, and keep finding customers, as long as they produce a good product, regardless of their branding, but nonprofits can't. Instead, they have to simply rely on the good feelings people have about their organization and mission to keep the donations and volunteer hours coming in.

For that reason, smart nonprofits pay a lot of attention to their branding. Here are four areas where you can do a lot to boost the image of your nonprofit organization:

In your logo.

Dozens of books have been written on the power of logos to influence public opinion, despite their relatively small sizes. Make sure that yours expresses something of your nonprofit's mission and personality, because the impressions it makes will be lasting.

With the tone of your messaging.

As we have noted in the past, there is a fine line between being serious and dour, and it's important that nonprofits strike a positive tone. Work hard to develop a habit of giving out hope, not just bad news.

Through steady communication.

A big part of branding is consistency, and you can't have that without some sort of established editorial calendar. Donors, volunteers, and the media should be hearing from you on a regular basis, so make your communications conform to some sort of established timeline.

With an ongoing PR campaign.

Although communicating directly with the public is a necessity, having the media on your side can do wonders for your budget and programs. Your brand is all about what others think of you, not what you say about yourself, so it's important to have online and off-line media outlets on your side.

Branding is a big topic for nonprofits who know what they're trying to accomplish. Are you making the most of your organization's image?