When To Change Your Nonprofit's Logo

  • by Shala Graham
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Over time, logos have come to mean quite a bit. Marketing experts and business gurus have written entire books, and taught comprehensive courses, on the heavy bottom-line implications that come with changing the small fonts, graphics, and colors that can easily come to represent the public face of any organization. And so, it's no surprise that a lot of nonprofits struggle with the decision of whether to update their logo or not…not to mention what to shoot for when they do make a change. 

There aren't any easy answers. Sometimes, a new logo is needed simply because the old one no longer has a current look, or a drastic change in public perception is necessary. Most often, however, the clues aren't as obvious. To help you find the best way to go forward with your nonprofit logo, here are three situations when you should definitely consider a fresh nonprofit logo:

When your organization has changed its name.

The new name means a new public identity, which makes it an ideal occasion to go with a fresh, new look.

When your nonprofit takes on a new mission or direction.

Likewise, if you have the same name as before, but have shifted or expanded your programs in key areas, then it's probably a good time to change your image, too.

When your organization isn't getting the attention it once did.

Granted, this is a lot more subtle, and you don't want to do it too often. But while you don't want to change things just for the sake of change, stagnant donations or decreased press attention could be a sign that you're losing momentum. In that situation, an injection of fresh energy—and the new logo—probably aren’t bad ideas.

Logos mean a lot, which is why you shouldn't change your nonprofit's without thinking things through. If you are facing one of these transitions, however, it might be the perfect time to show a new vision, and some new artwork, to the rest of the world.