What Is Story-Based Marketing? Why Do You Need It?

  • by Christine Batta
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Story-based marketing is a concept that stems from the very values of a company. The key idea is that you and your business are the storyteller and any potential clients, volunteers or donors, your audience. Through the interaction you have with that audience (in whatever medium) you are telling the story of your business.

Chances are you’re implementing some form of story-based marketing with your brand. What’s more of a question is to what extent are you doing so and do all of the pieces of your marketing conform to the same story?

It’s Effective

The value of story-based marketing comes from its high effectiveness while being both economical and adaptable. Larger companies with more resources at their disposal often saturate the market through various means in hopes of casting the widest net possible to gather clients. It’s a shortsighted blitz: A high-demand (and costly) effort that only lasts a short amount of time and has a very low lasting life of effectiveness. It’s why you see so many commercial brands fading away and retooling their messaging every few years.

It Grows with You

The fundamental principal of story-based marketing is creating an engaging and thoughtful messaging campaign that allows your story to attract the type of clients you are looking for. It is a practice that grows and evolves overtime. You share your story gradually through the different mediums at your disposal. No element is ever wasted or becomes irrelevant because it evolves along with your brand and organization.

There is no cap to the potential of story-based marketing. It helps build quality business relationships from a strong base. The simple fact, especially for non-profits, is that the audiences you attract through the story of your organization are exactly the ones that you want to be working with.

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