To Attract More Online Donations, Address a Donor's Biggest Fear First

  • by Shala Graham
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Are you attracting as many donations as you possibly could from your website? Very often, we find that new clients have online donation pages that aren't nearly as effective as they could be. Sometimes, it's because they are tracking the wrong types of visitors. In other cases, it's that the copywriting isn't persuasive enough, or that the design and programming aren't easy enough to use and interact with. Put together, these factors discourage donations.

But before any of them can matter—and before you can effectively raise money over the Internet at all—you have to do a good job of addressing your donors’ biggest fears. Here are three ways you can make it easier for people to give money to your nonprofit:

1. Be very visible with your web security.

Like an e-commerce retailer, a nonprofit has to show that its transactions are safe before anyone would give them a chance. Donors want to know that their credit card numbers and personal information won't show up in places they shouldn't. Invest in strong web encryption and security, and then make sure visitors can tell that you've made every effort to keep them safe.

2. Display your privacy policy.

There are dozens of reasons that a donor might not want to be publicly recognized for giving money, or to have their information shared with other nonprofits and groups. From politics to privacy and financial concerns, your donors may want you to respect their anonymity, so make it clear exactly what your organization will and won't give out about them after they've made a gift.

3. Spell out the donation process.

What happens when someone clicks the "donate now" button on your website? Will they be taken to a different site, asked to fill in some personal information, prompted to enter their credit card number, or will something else happen? Spell out this process briefly before you ask people to go through with it. It's a simple step, but one that can reduce the fear and anxiety they feel about donating to you online.

Need your nonprofit website to be more donor-friendly? Let the team at SW Creatives help. We've worked with dozens of nonprofit organizations, and can help you get more out of your Internet presence.