Three Things That Always Belong On Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Fan Page

  • by Ryan Phillips
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Social media marketing, for nonprofits and other types of organizations, is still new enough that there aren't really any "rules" that you can count on. Still, there are a handful of strong ideas you can use to increase donations and interest in your cause. Best of all, they are all fairly simple and low-cost to implement.

Here are three things that always belong on your nonprofit's Facebook fan page:

1. Photos of volunteers having a good time. 

People volunteer to nonprofit organizations for a lot of different reasons. Obviously, one of those is to support a certain cause that they feel strongly about. Another just as powerful reason, however, is to make new friends or expand their social circle. The more it seems like volunteers are having a good time in photos—or at least feeling fulfilled from the assistance they are giving you—the more powerful your Facebook fan page will be as a recruiting tool.

2. Links to videos. 

Videos are everywhere now, and are even available on most smart phones. That means it makes sense for your nonprofit to post lots of them online, and especially those that give a good overview of your cause and mission. You might be surprised at how many visitors to your Facebook fan page might click through…and a good online video could just propel them to make a donation or decide to do more to support you.

3. Links to your nonprofit’s donation page. 

Speaking of support, one of the great rules of fundraising, online or off, is that you always want to make it as easy as possible for people to help you. That definitely applies to social media, where a simple click, followed by a credit card number, could lead to more and bigger gifts for your nonprofit organization.

There are a lot of things that nonprofits can use Facebook fan pages for, but definitely make sure that you have these three elements present on yours.