The Pros Of Commissioned Photography

  • by Shala Graham
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When it comes to overseeing a business like ours or a nonprofit organization like yours, how we spend our budgets can be a cautious, careful game. While this can be an important instinct in keeping spending tight, there are areas of opportunity that can be missed. Assets that can have great value for your nonprofit can be overlooked. A major example of such an opportunity is commissioned photography.

It Can Build Your Brand

We’ve all heard the quote: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Imagine the value of applying that to the brand messaging of your nonprofit. Imagery can create a powerful reaction in an audience far easier than words. It can take a great deal of effort to grab a reader’s attention to look at a written piece. Then you have to effectively communicate your concept and hope the message gets across.

Audiences can’t help but look at images. They grab us. It’s the reason why good design is so important. Imagine the power of supporting great branding and design with images that show the story of your nonprofit.

A Huge Return On Investment

As mentioned, there can be a huge hesitancy to spend precious budget dollars on commissioned photos. This is especially true with online tools and image banks that you can search and pay for specific images that you want. There is a convenience to it and the perception of choice and options. The use of the word “perception” here is important because however the user experience may feel, the reality is that you as the overseer of your brand are limited in your choices with such databases. The value that such images bring to your nonprofit’s branding is equally limited.

When searching for a specific image most of the time you are executing some sort of compromise. Whether it be more minor such as finding an image that is “close enough” to what you have in mind, or even more extreme such as revising the concept or idea behind the image to fit your options.  Another incident that can occur is that visitors can experience the same stock photography on your site as on other sites or posts. This can be an embarrassing experience and impact the credibility of your brand.

A commissioned photo shoot offers a huge return on the investment. For a single day’s shoot your nonprofit will have a photo library of catered images that they can use for years and apply to all of their marketing materials.

For more information on commissioned photography and how to make it work for your brand contact the SW Creatives team. We have great relationships with local photographers with nonprofit experience!