The Difference Between A Good Nonprofit Website And A Great One

  • by Shala Graham
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Here at SW Creatives, we are often asked what makes a good nonprofit website. The answer varies from organization to organization, of course, but it would be easy to agree that some of the common elements include lots of information, a great layout with some nice visuals, and some key features like an online donation page and social media links.

But while those might be the ingredients of a good nonprofit website, we don't think you should stop there. Why pay someone to design and launch a good website for your charitable organization when you could get a great one?

What's the difference between a good nonprofit website and a great one? We are glad you asked. A great website incorporates all of the things we've already mentioned, but takes them one step further and inspires readers to take action. This might sound like a subtle difference, but over time, adopting that perspective will change the way you think about your nonprofit’s web presence. It will cause you to ask different questions of your design team, generate new layouts, and lead your pages with stronger messages.

Building a nonprofit website that tells people a little bit about your group and your goals is a pretty simple proposition. Creating one that becomes a focal point for a particular cause—one that's always raising money, attracting volunteers, and getting the media to think about you more often—takes a lot more work. It's a long and intentional process that requires vision, testing, and a level of focus and planning that most nonprofit directors, or their creative teams, haven't gone through before.

That's the price of building a great nonprofit website, however, and tough as it might be, we can promise that the end result makes it worth the effort. If you are content to simply have a bit of information about your group online, then feel free to work with a creative agency that can do the job with the least amount of hassle. If your goal is to create a strong online nonprofit presence, however, be prepared to start a longer process with the right creative team.