The 4 Worst Website Adjectives

  • by Diane Park
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It’s not unusual for executives to come to us knowing they want a new website, but struggling to explain what exactly they want to be, or how they would like it to be different from their current website.

That’s a common and understandable problem. Sometimes, it helps to think of things not in terms of what you want your next website to be, but what you don’t want it to be. To show you why, here are the four worst adjectives someone can use about your web presence:

#1: Boring

It might not seem like such a big deal, have a boring website—but given that there are billions and billions of other websites out there (including dozens that are similar to yours and just a click away on Google) you need your web presence to stand out. You don’t have to go over the top, but use some distinctive colors, layout options, and content to separate your website from the rest.

#2: Disorganized

When people can’t find what they’re looking for on your website, they become frustrated and look for it elsewhere. That takes traffic (and potential supporters) away from your website, of course, and could even lead visitors to misleading or false information elsewhere. Make sure usability, and especially a clear navigation structure within the search bar, are prominent features in your website.

#3 Incomplete

Having items that are missing from your website is even worse than making them hard-to-find. At a minimum, your website should have basic information about your organization, contact details, a calendar for upcoming events, and instructions for those who want to participate and support your group. An incomplete website is a series of missed opportunities, so make sure yours has what it needs.

#4 Out-of-date

This can apply to the look of your website as well as the content on your pages. When things are out of date, it shows that you aren’t updating your communications frequently enough, and don’t care about giving current or accurate information. Each of those is a bad look for your organization, especially as a first point of contact for new visitors.

You don’t want any of these four adjectives being used to describe your current website or your next one. So if you see any signs of these in your layout and designs, start fixing the problems immediately.

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