Do you need a tagline?

  • by Shala Graham
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Taglines reinforce your branding message with your brandmark. The question is: do you need a tagline?

Organizations Who May Need a Tagline

  • New businesses
    People don’t know who you are and you need to find a place in their minds and hearts so that they become loyal customers.
  • Businesses trying to reposition themselves in their industry
    We are referring to businesses that have been around for 10+ years and are trying to attract new customers or their position and message is no longer valid or relevant. They need an overhaul that usually includes a logo, updated website, and a new slogan or tagline.

3 Key Qualities to a Great Tagline   

  1. It must be short, catchy, and memorable, but not cheesy.
  2. It should be a phrase that captures your brand, your company’s personality and positioning, and it should separate you from everybody else.
  3. It should evoke an emotional response in people.

That’s a lot for such a short phrase, which is why taglines are difficult to come up with!

How to create a tagline

Before sitting down to brainstorm, consider the following questions carefully:

  1. What’s my mission? You need a focus and your mission has a lot to do with that. Keep it simple and easy so people are not confused.
  2. Who cares? Who cares about your product and why should they? So you’re an IT company, great. But what makes you any different from the IT company down the street. It’s all what your product does for the consumer. Consumers don’t care that you can network every server in the entire world. They only care about how you networking servers is going to help them. What about networking servers is going to evoke an emotional response? Focus on your benefits. Benefits to your consumer can help you formulate a great tag.
  3. Last but not least is that “umphh” factor. This is where your image comes in. Are you a fun, crazy company or a serious company? The tag should reflect your company’s personality in it as well. If your using bold, strong colors, then your tag line should be bold in its statement. If you’re a mom and pop shop, it should be down to earth and approachable.

When done right, taglines are great reinforcement for your brand. They help solidify your position and create an identity in the consumer's mind.

 I hope that this was helpful to you! Check out some of our branding projects to gain inspiration or learn more »