Is Everyone in Your Organization on the Same Page?

  • by Shala Graham
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As any creative director can tell you, the most important step in designing the new website, identity piece, or marketing campaign isn’t the act of putting pixels onto screens… it’s in the client discovery phase where we learn about the details of an organization and the goals of the project.

This also happens to be the point, however, where we can accidentally uncover differences in viewpoint and philosophy within a nonprofit. In these meetings, as we ask detailed questions, it sometimes becomes clear that not everyone in the room agrees on the same set of goals, priorities, and future directions.

Some level of healthy debate can be a positive thing. In general, though, when the different decision-makers in your organization aren’t on same page, things grind to a halt. For that reason it’s important that stakeholders get together with some guidance from your creative team to ensure there is some continuity of thought from one person — and organizational level — to the next.

Here are just a few of the reasons that unity is such a difference-maker: 

Clarity in Messaging is Clarity in Purpose

When everyone who is making decisions for your nonprofit is moving towards the same goals, then a vision for the right kind of messaging is a natural byproduct. Clarity, in this sense, means that everyone knows what you’re trying to accomplish, who will be involved, and what the short and long-term targets are. Get those details agreed upon early, and the design process will largely take care of itself. 

One Voice Speaks Clearly, But Several Cause Confusion

This is true both literally and figuratively. In the same way that there is a big difference between a background murmur and a coordinated chant, nonprofits with consistent messaging from all layers of an organization tend to be “heard” more clearly than those with competing ideas and agendas. To avoid confusing donors, supporters, and the public at large, make sure the members of your team are working from the same talking points. 

Clarity Leads to Better Marketing

When everyone can agree on what’s needed, creating individual pieces and executing ongoing campaigns gets a lot easier. That’s because the uniform thought process is easier to translate to staff members and volunteers, and even to your creative team. To improve your marketing and public profile, strive for cooperation within your ranks. 

When your whole team is moving in the same direction, great things can happen; when they aren’t, it’s always going to hold your nonprofit back. So, what are you doing to ensure that everyone in your organization is on the same page?

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