How Charitable Groups Can Use Pay Per Click for Fundraising, Part 3

  • by Shala Graham
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In the past couple of articles, we have covered some of the pros and cons of using pay-per-click advertising—the sponsored listings on Google and the other major search engines—as part of your online fundraising campaign.

On the one hand, PPC ads work quickly and can help you sell products that you are using for fundraising purposes; and on the other, it can quickly eat into your Internet marketing budget without showing much in the way of results if you aren't careful. So how can you make the most of PPC without wasting any of your nonprofit’s budget?

There is actually a pretty easy and straightforward answer: Work with an existing online retailer to fund and sponsor part of the campaign.

Here is how it could work: You align your nonprofit with an e-commerce store, promising to provide a special product and/or a percentage of the costs for the marketing campaign. They, in turn, rate the ads, create the landing pages, and process the transactions. Plus, they bring something to the table that you probably don't have in your nonprofit organization: e-commerce and PPC expertise.

Since you are both earning a portion of the revenue, it's easy for everyone to work together. The retailer gets an increase in business, and the good publicity that comes with supporting on nonprofit organization. And your group, of course, gets an increase in funding, and a potentially large one if the promotion goes well.

These kinds of win-win situations are ideal for fundraising, and usually require little more than a bit of imagination to get started. In fact, you might not even have to have a product in mind when you get started—simply mention your idea to an established online retailer, and they may be able to suggest a few new items to work with.

As valuable as pay-per-click advertising can be for nonprofits, it makes sense to turn to the experts and get their help. So why not partner with an established online store to make your Internet fundraising more effective?