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Giving sponsors more bang for their buck

  • by Shala Graham
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When it comes to hosting events or campaigns, sponsorship dollars are very important to the financial success of your nonprofit. So how do you make sure that your sponsors are enticed to sponsor your event? They key is visibility.

Get the right logo files

First, make sure that your sponsors provide you with vector-based logos (.eps, .ai, and some .tif files). These files allow you to scale while maintaining clarity, and will allow you to edit the logo, for instance, to reverse it to all white for dark backgrounds. Sponsors want their logo to look the very best, so make sure they give you proper art files.

Offer various sponsorship opportunities

Offer different types of sponsorships, such as book sponsors or workshop sponsors. For book sponsors, they cover the cost of the program book printing and sometimes design and are able to have their own ad as the back cover of the book. Workshop sponsors have their logo on the workshop sign and often get to help choose the topic and/or provide the presenter for the topic. It's all about exposure.

Include logos in conference presentations

Create a PPT that will rotate the sponsor logos (one sponsor per slide). Let it run in-between presentations or sessions. Every time the logo shows up, it reinforces the brand recognition. And best of all, this shouldn't cost you anything to do if you do it in-house.

Capture and share your attendee demographics

If you have a well-attended event by your sponsors' target market, make sure you keep good demographic information for your events and present that information along with the sponsorship request. The more value they see in the event, the more likely they will sponsor the event at higher levels. 

Research, research, research

Last, but not least, do your research. If a sponsor is sponsoring for the sake of good will or giving back to the community, find out which companies have an interest in your subject matter and target them. Larger companies often decide the type of causes they will support, such as veteran issues or child welfare. So dedicate your energies on the companies that are most likely to support your cause.