Best Practices For Social Media Graphics

  • by Christine Batta
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Social Media is an important part of marketing for your nonprofit. It can be a powerful tool to deliver the message of your nonprofit and inform your audience of new content and events. Due to the nature and character limitations on various social media platforms, brief posts with an emphasis on visuals have been proven most effective. Social media graphics have become a widely used and critically important method of conveying your nonprofit’s message.

Identity and Consistency

While social media graphics are a great resource for conveying your nonprofit’s message, issues can arise when those graphics are not implemented with proper effort and consideration. Just like any other visual you use, social media graphics are a part of the story of your nonprofit and need to fit within the same values of your overall brand. It is equally important that your social media graphics match with one another. There should be a sense of identity and consistency amongst your graphics, ensuring they fit in with your brand.

Consistency and quality is key to effective social media graphics that will work for your brand. Social media often feels very spontaneous and of-the-moment, which often means that teams don’t allow enough time or thought to social media strategies. This can create a large discrepancy in both the quality of the graphics implemented and the range of style used. Both of these elements can affect your brand identity and make the execution of your messaging feel disjointed and disingenuous.

Social media engagement is worth budgeting time and consideration. Put the effort in to use social media graphics with intent and increase their impact by making sure the graphics line up with one another and your brand.

Curate and Craft

Good social media graphics develop trustworthiness amongst your audience.  Graphics that are curated and have craft behind them will stand out and draw a larger, more dedicated audience than graphics that are jarring or standout inappropriately in comparison with the other visuals.

The key to successful branding is making thought through decisions rather than last minute choices. The implementation of social media graphics is a great example of this.  Allow yourself the time and resources to plan out and curate your social media graphics. Your brand will be better for it.

For more information on the effective use of social media graphics and other branding considerations, contact the SW Creatives team.