A Surprising Statistic from Google… and What It Means for You

  • by Diane Park
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Not long ago, the engineers at Google shared a mind-blowing statistic: more than 10% of daily searches are completely original, meaning that they are made up of a phrase that no one has ever searched before.

On an intellectual level, that’s astounding, similar to knowing that every snowflake and fruit fly are distinct, one-of-a-kind creations. For marketers, the implications are nearly as incredible.

Here are a few things you can extrapolate from such a high number of completely original searches:

The Long Tail Goes Longer Than Most People Realize

In the minds of many who study search engine optimization, the “long tail” of search is an interesting idea, but nothing more. This stat from Google makes it clear though that a lot of searches fall into this category… In fact, too many of them to ignore. Some of your most important online marketing targets are using long-tail searches, and it’s important for you to have a plan to capture them.

The easiest way to do that, of course, is by having lots of content on your website. We aren’t just talking about keyword-stuffed pages, but original thoughts and ideas presented in natural language that people can search and find.

Being Up-to-Date with Your Content Matters

One reason unique searches are on the rise is that new trends and ideas come to light all the time. You can’t take advantage, however, unless you’re constantly refreshing the content on your website and blog. Not only does this ensure that your website (and its search profile) keep growing, but it also introduces new keywords and ideas that might become important for search engine optimization purposes later.

Search Trends Are Changing Quickly

Not only are Google’s users becoming more specific in their requests, but they’re using more spoken words and phrases (courtesy of voice -assisted mobile apps like Google’s own, which is available for any mobile device). Speaking questions and search terms out loud encourages people to search for longer, more specific strings, many of which are going to be rare or unique. This trend alone may revolutionize search marketing within the next few years.

Logic would dictate that some new search terms would become popular, and that fewer original searches will take place in the future. That might be somewhat correct, given that hot trends and current events drive a certain percentage of search visits.

On the other hand though, it’s clear that the long tail is here to stay, and marketers can expect that lots of varied, unique, and low-volume search phrases will be important sources of traffic in the future.

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