7 Secrets to a Successful T-Shirt Fundraiser

  • by Shala Graham
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T-shirt fundraising is more popular than ever, and for good reason: when people are wearing your shirts, they’re donating money to your cause, showing support, and raising awareness all at the same time.

However, planning a great T-shirt fundraiser isn’t as simple as marching down to your local printing shop and putting your logo on a few size mediums. Here are our seven secrets for successful T-shirt fundraising:

#1: Look at the Schedule

Timing is everything. Before beginning your fundraiser, check the calendar – and particularly the start and ending dates – to be sure you won’t have any conflicts, overlaps, or difficulties. The last thing you want to do is crowd out another of your own events or have supporters lose interest because of a holiday or major event.

#2: Set Prices Strategically

There is a temptation to set the price for fundraising T-shirt to a very low level. That can be inviting for buyers who are on the fence, but low prices can also make your T-shirts seem like they are low-quality while simultaneously making it more difficult for you to meet your funding goals. When in doubt, nudge the price just a little bit higher.

#3: Don’t Overlook the Power of Great Design

What you put on your T-shirt is critically important, at least if you want buyers to wear them and strangers to notice (and eventually buy T-shirts of their own). Every aspect of a fundraising campaign is important, but in this case, choosing the right design should be your top priority.

#4: Choose an Uplifting Message

It’s not just about the visuals, though. Your T-shirt should reflect something to do with your cause or campaign, and (if possible) feature some kind of uplifting message. T-shirts that make people think and feel good are always going to be more popular than ones that are just pretty.

#5: Get the Ball Rolling

If your campaign appears to be stagnant, it’s going to be hard to build support. Get the ball rolling by purchasing the first few T-shirts yourself and encouraging close friends and good supporters to pitch in. The momentum they generate could become contagious.

#6: Promote Your Fundraiser Early and Often

You’ll also want to start strong and gain those important early sales. The best way to do that is by emailing supporters, contacting them through social media, and even enlisting help from the media if you can. The idea is to generate an early buzz on your T-shirt fundraising campaign.

#7: Have a Plan to Finish Strong

Hopefully, you’ll have generated some excitement and momentum at the beginning of your T-shirt fundraising campaign. Finishing strong is just as important, especially considering that some supporters will be more likely to pitch in at the end when they see that you’re close to reaching your goal. Plan some last-minute promotional ideas ahead of time so you’ll be able to finish strong.

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