7 Kinds of Photos You Should Have on Your Nonprofit Website

  • by Ryan Phillips
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In recent months, we have given some advice on the types of written content you should have on your nonprofit website, as well as the issues surrounding stock photography. Today, we want to share some insights on what kinds of photos and images you should use, especially if you want to create the right impression with donors, volunteers, and members of the media.

With that in mind, here are seven kinds of photos you should take care to include on your nonprofit website:

1. Pictures that represent your cause or mission.

Sometimes, the entire mission of your nonprofit organization can be summed up with just a few images. If so, you should add those to your site and display them prominently.

2. Photos of people whose lives you have touched.

In the same way, people are more moved by personal stories than they are statistics or generalities. If you have photos of people (or animals, if appropriate) that your organization is helping, these can be very effective in conveying your message.

3. Images from a recent event.

Images from nonprofit events should be carefully chosen to show that a cause is being helped at the same time that attendees are enjoying themselves. Remember, the social aspects of fundraising dinners, galas, and other events are just as important to attendees as the cause itself.

4. Photos of key leaders and staff members.

Although people generally give gifts to nonprofits and organizations with goals they support, they generally feel more comfortable doing so if the leadership and personnel seem trustworthy. That's why professional profile pictures are usually worth the time and investment.

5. Pictures from volunteer events.

Just as fundraising and event photos need to convey the right tone and the right kind of atmosphere, so do those highlighting volunteers. When appropriate, it's good to include pictures that show volunteers making friends and having a good time while they are doing something positive.

6. Before-and-after photos that show progress toward your cause.

The right before-and-after photo can be more powerful than dozens of statistics, reports, and case studies. If you are able to show people the good work you're doing in photos, that will often be all the evidence they need to see.

7. Photos that elicit an emotional response.

These kinds of photos can fall into any category, but the most important detail is that they draw an emotional response from the viewer. After all, people give of their time, money, and attention because, above all else, it makes them feel better about themselves and the world they live in.

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