5 Things Your Nonprofit Website Should be Doing (But Might Not be Right Now)

  • by Ryan Phillips
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Illustration of a computer with circles containing the five key elements for a nonprofit website
In general, web design projects and consultations tend to drift towards layouts and aesthetics rather than organizational objectives, but that's largely because it's easier to discuss nice-looking photos and vendors than it is to think about the bigger picture that your nonprofit is facing. One unintended result of that process, though, is that important concerns are often forgotten or ignored – even if they are crucial to the success of your nonprofit website.

To give you a sense of what we mean, and why it's so important, here are five things your nonprofit website should definitely be doing (but probably isn't right now):

1. Informing the public about your mission.

Far too many nonprofit websites explain the need for action about a cause, but don't really spell out what the organization wants to accomplish. Make sure that yours describes a need or problem, but also highlights the solutions and actions your group wants to take.

2. Attracting donations.

If your nonprofit website reads more like a brochure than an online fundraising tool, you're certainly not alone – many charitable groups are shy about raising money over the Internet. But, given that more and more people are conducting their most important transactions over the web, and the fact that online fundraising can be more efficient and more effective than other means, it's something no organization can afford to ignore.

3. Promoting your events.

Promoting upcoming fundraising and awareness events via an online calendar is a good start, but make sure that you're also using your website to boost interest and attendance by adding blog posts, email newsletters, and even banner reminders. The more opportunities you give people to think about your cause and event, the more successful each one will be.

4. Helping to manage volunteers.

It takes a relatively small amount of programming to include special volunteer sections on your nonprofit website. From there, they can view schedules, participate in online discussions, report needs or problems, and take other actions from anywhere they have a web connection. Managing volunteers can be costly and time-consuming, but the right website can go a long way towards easing the burdens.

5. Building your social following.

In this day and age, a strong social media following is just what any successful nonprofit needs. Fans and followers can spread your messages, fill events, drive online fundraising, support media efforts, and even tell others about your cause and organization. All you need is the right social presence and a plan to get the ball rolling.

If your nonprofit website isn't doing all of its jobs, or isn't doing them well enough, now is the perfect time to speak with a member of the SW Creatives team and arrange for a free consultation. Because we specialize in working with nonprofits and charitable organizations, we know how to combine images, layouts, copywriting, and online promotion to help you meet your organizational goals.

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