5 Things Your CMS Can’t do For You

  • by Diane Park
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Content management systems have completely changed the way websites are refreshed and updated. Instead of having to send dozens of small requests to your creative team just to add pages or edit content, you can now log-in to your website and, in just a few minutes, make the alterations yourself. Best of all, you can do it without affecting the look, consistency, or functionality of your pages.

But, as wonderful as it is to have a great CMS, there are some things it can’t do for you. Here are five tasks that you or your staff still need to do on a regular basis:

#1: Write and Post Content 

Having the right platform makes it easy to add content, but you still have to generate the content yourself (or at least direct someone else to create it for you). Your website can’t grow and thrive without new pages and ideas so don’t skip over this important step.

#2: Resize Photos and Images

Resizing photos and images isn’t difficult (you can do it with any number of free editing software), but it is important. Without cropping a photo or making adjustments, it may fit awkwardly on a page or disrupt the appearance of other elements like headlines and text.

#3: Add Basic SEO to Pages 

You can use prompts and plug-ins to remind you about keywords and links but that’s no substitute for having a minimal awareness of basic SEO concepts. It only takes an hour or two to learn about search visibility and the knowledge you pick up will help make all your content easier to find.

#4: Clean Up HTML Loose Ends

While most of the heavy HTML work will undoubtedly be handled by your web design team, knowing a little bit about tags and how they work can help you solve the kinds of everyday conundrums that annoy web design clients. Like SEO, the principles of HTML are simple enough to be learned in a half day or less.

#5: Promote Your Content 

No matter how strong your posts and ideas are, they are probably going to need a little bit of promotion if others are going to find them and comment or react. So, get in the habit of becoming your own best advocate and promoting your nonprofit website regularly.

A good CMS can make the job of updating your website easy, but it won’t keep your web presence fresh without any input from you. Keep that in mind and be sure to handle these five jobs on a regular basis.

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