5 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Logo or Branding

  • by Christine Batta
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Trying to decide whether it’s time to give your logo or brand identity a fresh look?

Here are five signs that what you have could use a designer’s touch:

1. Your identity has an outdated look

This is the most obvious sign, but one that some executives like to ignore. If your logo or branding looks tired to you, it probably isn't making a great impression on the public, either. It's always easier to do nothing, but having a stale brand doesn't help you reach your goals.

2. The public can’t tell what your brand is supposed to be

In an ideal scenario, supporters, donors, and the public at large would be able to understand what your nonprofit is all about just by looking at your logo. That’s not always possible, but they shouldn’t be confused, either. If they are, take it as a sign you should think about making a change.

3. You’ve had a lot of negative public attention

You’ve probably seen businesses do this before, but the concept applies to nonprofits, too. When you’ve gotten a lot of the wrong kinds of attention from the press, changing your logo and brand identity can help signify a fresh start – within your organization and in the public’s eye.

4. You’re trying to take your organization in a new direction

The same goes for situations where you’re trying to change your message, mission, or focus. If your organization is changing, then your brand is, as well. Consider refreshing your visual identity to go with your new internal one.

5. Your current branding materials aren’t consistent

In large organizations, brands sometimes build up “drag” from old designs, pieces, and ideas over time. If your elements aren’t consistent from one piece or campaign to the next, consider making an overall shift that brings all the different visuals in line with one another.

The nonprofit branding specialists at SW Creatives can help your organization get the look and marketing it needs. Reach us at 301.891.0111 and ask to see samples of work we’ve done for other clients like you.