5 Easy Fixes for a Flagging Search Marketing Campaign

  • by Shala Graham
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It can be frustrating when your search engine optimization campaign isn’t performing the way you hoped it would. Even in the age of social media, Google can still be your most important and reliable source of new website visitors, so it’s critical you be able to draw in visitors who are looking for you.

Luckily, a lot of search marketing problems are easier to solve than you might think. In fact, here are five easy fixes that might work for you:

1. Think smaller.

The classic mistake in search engine optimization is focusing on broad keywords they get lots of traffic, instead of more precise “long-tail” keywords that are easier to rank for… and that often convert at a higher rate.

2. Schedule new content updates.

A lot of organizations struggle with search engine because their plans are somewhat aimless. Don’t make the same mistake – start with a list of keywords and conversion goals, and then make an editorial calendar for new content that will bring you closer to a top ranking each week.

3. Send new audiences to existing pages.

To get the most from each piece of content, it’s important that you promote blogs, new videos, and other content on your social media profiles. That helps draw viewers, but also increases the relevancy of the page and attract search engine spiders.

4. Try paid search advertising.

Search engine advertising (aka pay-per-click ads) can be inexpensive and efficient, provided you choose your keywords and bids carefully. Plus, they can be used to test new keywords and ideas more quickly than traditional organic search campaigns can.

5. Watch the results closely.

Far too many marketers treat web traffic, or even a high search engine ranking, as a goal for their search marketing campaigns. Remember that you’re looking for conversions, not just views or impressions, and study the results from your efforts accordingly.

With the right plan, tools, and focus in place, you can make your website easier to find via Google and the other search engines. How can you use these tips to increase your profile today?

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