4 Things That Make Online Fundraising Easier

  • by Shala Graham
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There are a lot of factors driving the increase we’re seeing in online fundraising efforts. It’s easy and cost-effective, which nonprofits love, and convenient for donors as well. Plus, we are reaching a point where most people are comfortable performing financial transactions online—and even prefer it.

While a lot of the principles of direct mail apply to Internet fundraising, there are a few differences. Here are four things that make it easier to attract donations online:

1. Great visuals and stories.

Great storytelling, backed by powerful visuals, is still your most effective fundraising tool. On the Internet, it’s easy to add photos (and even videos) to help you tell your story, so use them when and where you can.

2. A selective use of statistics.

You still want your online fundraising campaigns to feel short and snappy, so you’ll want to be careful not to overload viewers with statistics. Still, a few well-placed numbers and figures can add lots of credibility to your appeal.

3. A segmented email list.

Ideally, you’d want a separate fundraising message to be displayed for each type of donor or campaign. The Internet makes it easy and inexpensive to customize your messages, so get as personal as you can (within the limits of practicality) for maximum effect.

4. An easy-to-follow donation page.

Your donation page should be easy to find and use. Be sure to stress that your connection is secure and that gifts to your organization are 100% tax-deductible (if they are) so donors don’t have any doubts at the last minute.

Online fundraising is an art and science all on its own. Let our team of dedicated nonprofit marketing professionals show you how to make sense of web pages, emails, social media, and other digital-age tools to increase your organization’s reach.

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