4 More Fun Ways to Get Visitors to Engage on Your Website

  • by Ryan Phillips
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Recently, we posted some easy-to-use tips for boosting engagement on your business website and making it easier for visitors to stick around. Check out the post here »

In this post, we want to offer some more advice with a fun twist. After all, having a faster website, or one that's easier to navigate, is a good start, but sometimes it's worth it to go above and beyond.

So, here are four interesting ways to increase engagement and user activity on your website that go a bit beyond the basics:

1. Make your website adaptable. 

Although adding more cookies to your website isn't always the best idea, there are fun things you can do when your site "remembers" regular visitors. In the same way that retailers remember what you like to buy and display shopping carts and specials based on your needs, you can keep users on your site by showing them topics and content they most prefer to see.

2. Add real-time updates. 

These could include breaking news, social updates, or other forms of content. The point is that they are dynamic and they change with what's going on around your business. That means your site is always a bit different than it was before, and gives users a reason to keep coming back if the new content is interesting enough.

3. Include games and interactive apps. 

Google has been the master of this for some time, often displaying games and other diversions alongside their search boxes. A lot of people won't take the time to use something that isn't directly related to your site or business, but some will, and might even return to try them again and again.

4. Try something quirky. 

This is an area where you’re limited only by your imagination. Whether it's an in-office webcam, a dynamic content generator, or something else completely unique, the idea is to add something that might interest visitors and get them thinking about your business.

These might be fun ideas, but the results they can generate are serious business. That's because a higher level of engagement means more interest in your website, more time being spent by users and customers, and even the potential for bookmarks and viral links.

When it comes down to it, web engagement is great for your organization. So, consider making the most of it with these four ideas. Or better yet, get in touch with SW Creatives today and see how we can turn your website into something spectacular!