4 Marketing Advantages Nonprofits Have

  • by Christine Batta
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Often nonprofit executives think of their marketing challenges in terms of limitations: the smaller budgets and more intangible benefits that charitable groups tend to work around year in and year out. And yet, there are some specific advantages that nonprofits have when it comes to getting the word out about their causes, too.

To help you understand and take advantage of them, here are four benefits that are largely unique to nonprofit organizations:

#1: You Can Reach Your Audience More Often

Not only are there fewer restrictions on nonprofits for things like email marketing, but donors, subscribers, and supporters have a higher tolerance for communications that originate from charitable groups than they do blatant advertising. That means you can touch base with your most important contacts far more frequently and keep them involved in thinking about your organization.

#2: It’s Easier for Nonprofits to Create Viral Campaigns

Everybody likes to be involved in a good cause and most people like sharing in the credit when something great has been accomplished. So even though most people won’t bother sharing or re-tweeting something that comes from a corporation, they may pass on messages from your group. That’s why nonprofits have a much easier time generating viral campaigns that generate overnight awareness of specific causes.

#3: Nonprofits Can Gather Celebrity Endorsements

In the same way, celebrities like to be affiliated with their favorite causes (or, to be more cynical, causes that can help them to be viewed favorably or stay in the spotlight). For that reason, it’s almost expected that anyone who’s well-known to the media is going to be a public supporter of at least one or two charities, if not more. Find the right personality and you could get a no-cost endorsement that takes your media coverage to the next level. 

#4: Advertising Discounts are Often Available for Nonprofits

It’s easy to forget that a lot of nonprofits and charitable organizations get discounts and benefits that are applied in a strict dollars-and-cents way, as well. If you need to purchase advertising or media space, don’t do so without shopping around and asking about discounts for qualifying organizations. You might be surprised at how much you can save.

Nonprofit marketing is probably never going to be easy, but it’s less of an uphill battle when you make the most of the built-in advantages that exist for charitable groups of all sizes. Are you doing all that you could be to get the word out about your group and mission?

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