4 Internet Marketing Trends to Stay Ahead of

  • by Shala Graham
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The world of Internet marketing is in constant motion. That makes it exciting—but also a bit exhausting. That can be especially true for executives, who have dozens of other things to occupy their minds and attention on a daily basis.

Still, there are some online trends you simply can’t afford to miss out on. Here are four that are especially substantial right now:

Mobile Web Compatibility 

More than half of all web traffic now originates via smart phones and tablets, and most of the people you want to reach have more availability via mobile devices than they do traditional laptop and desktop computers. So mobile web compatibility (in the form of a responsive website, mobile-friendly emails, and possibly even custom apps) is a must.

Contextual Search

Search engine optimization isn’t just about keywords and links anymore. Google now incorporates geography, search history, and even what they can glean about searcher intent into formulating results. If you haven’t updated your campaigns to reflect trends in contextual search, you’re probably losing traffic that would’ve found its way your website in the past.

More Substantial Content

A full 10% of search queries entered into Google are completely original. The lesson to be drawn from that is that the long tail of getting search is getting longer, and bigger, every day. The only way to keep attracting visitors to your website is to know your target audience and add more content to your pages. That way, you can appeal to their desire for more specific search results.

 Shorter Email Newsletters

Email subscribers just don’t have as much time as they used to. And more and more of them are reading their emails on mobile devices. For both reasons, composing shorter email newsletters that get right to the point is a good idea in 2015 and beyond.

One of the keys to mastering Internet marketing is understanding which trends are fads, and which ones are too important to miss. Use this quick article as a reminder to pay attention to these four and integrate them into your website and ongoing campaigns.

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