4 Great Places to Use Video on Your Website

  • by Shala Graham
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It's never been easier to shoot and edit great video for the web, and with high-speed wireless connections readily available in most parts of the world, it's never been easier for your website visitors to view them, either.

There's a big difference between having online video and using it effectively, though. How do you know which videos are going to get the results you're looking for? And where should you place them within your website so they'll add to your existing content without being a distraction?

Those answers will vary a little bit from one organization or situation to the next, of course, but here are four great places to use video on your website:

1. On your home page.

The great thing about having online videos on your website's home page is that they are immediately engaging. People are just drawn to the video more than they are text or even images. Plus, video lets you put your message front and center, in the tone and order you want it to be in. Viewers generally don’t scroll through video like they do text, so you have a lot more control over your message.

2. In product descriptions.

If your company sells products, over the Internet or through a retail store, it's a great idea to have online videos that show off things like sizes, colors, and features. It's one thing to tell people about the great things you do, and a whole other thing to actually show them.

3. With FAQs.

In some companies, FAQs can actually be pretty lengthy and complicated. Why not make things more straightforward and easy to understand with some short video clips? You can explain features, show uses, or even answer questions about your expertise in a way that more in depth and easier to follow than long descriptions are.

4. Next to job openings.

Savvy employment seekers know choosing the right job description isn't nearly as important as finding the right supervisor and company culture. Why not give them insight into who you are – and what you're looking for in a new team member – with a short video clip that gives a "behind-the-scenes" look at your organization?

There are a lot of things video can do more effectively than text or images alone, but a lot of companies don't know how to create and integrate online videos the way they should. Why not talk to SW Creatives today and let us show you how we are using the latest tools to help our clients achieve their goals?