4 Easy Ways to Ruin a Great Web Design

  • by Diane Park
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Although we normally prefer to accentuate the positive on our blog and in our client meetings, it is sometimes important to point out common mistakes so our clients and readers can avoid them.

In that spirit, we’d like to share with you four surprisingly-easy ways you can ruin a perfectly good web design:

#1: With Low-Quality Photos and Images

Even the best web layout isn’t going to make you seem professional if you fill it with grainy photos of your staff and location. The same goes for logos that have gone out-of-date, or low-quality clipart files. You can’t cook a gourmet meal from terrible ingredients, and you can’t build a high-powered website using visuals that aren’t up to the job.

#2: By Overloading Your Pages until They Are “Busy”

It’s amazing how many websites start out as clean, intuitive pages with easy navigation and lots of white space. Once everyone in an organization has had some input though, you may see buttons, pages, and new content blocks all being added into the mix. The result is a layout that’s “busy” and confusing. That’s not exactly the best way to convey your message or build credibility in the minds of visitors.

#3:Through Terrible Color Choices

Some colors just don’t work well together, and yet we sometimes come across individuals who don’t recognize this fact (just think of a few of the outfits you saw the last time you are in a shopping mall or another public place). If your web design team warned you that your color scheme might not work very well, strongly consider taking their advice.

#4: With Poor Copywriting

Your webpages aren’t just decoration — people need to read them and understand them, too. Good copywriting is an underrated skill, and one that can make a big difference on the impact your website (or any marketing piece) can have. Either work with a professional or take the time to get it right; your website is too important to your organization’s success to saddle it with typos, grammatical errors, and poorly-constructed sentences.

If you work with an experienced and reputable web design partner, they’re going to do everything they can to make sure you get the best possible website. But it’s still worth watching out for these four mistakes. Sometimes, clients with the best intentions can be their own worst enemies, and it’s a lot easier to avoid blunders when you know what kinds of errors others are making.

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