3 Ways to Fight Holiday Donor Fatigue

  • by Shala Graham
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The holidays really are the season for giving, especially when it comes to charitable contributions. In fact, it’s not unusual for nonprofits to raise half or more of their yearly revenue between November and December.

This creates an interesting side effect, however: Past donors and those with a philanthropic history are often bombarded with appeals during this time of the year. Many receive direct mail, emails, and event invitations not only from groups they’ve given to in the past, but sometimes dozens of others.

The unrelenting nature of these requests can lead to “donor fatigue,” which can cause otherwise charitable people to restrict their giving… or even stop altogether.

Obviously, that’s a bad thing for your nonprofit. With that in mind, here are three ways you can fight donor fatigue in your own marketing and fundraising efforts:

1. Look for monthly pledges.

Knowing that your donors are receiving many requests for gifts at the same time, consider asking them for a monthly pledge (perhaps one that’s automatically drawn from a checking or savings account) instead of a lump sum. The commitment can feel smaller, and you get the benefit of a more even revenue stream throughout the year.

2. Share a positive message.

A lot of nonprofits work on the premise that “sad sells,” and there is some truth to that sentiment. But sharing a little bit of hope – and possibly even a few success stories – can help your nonprofit stand out when it comes to holiday season appeals. Show donors what kinds of progress you’ve made with their gifts from the last year and they might be more willing to contribute again.

3. Combine your fundraising package with an event.

Although lots of people have full holiday calendars, holding an early fundraising event with a holiday theme can be a great way to raise interest, attention, and money all at once. And best of all, you’ll get some face-to-face time with your supporters that can make a much bigger impact than you could with a simple email or direct mail piece.

The holidays are still the best time for fundraising, and probably always will be. It’s important to be smart about the way you ask for new funds, though, or you could risk having your most important supporters take their gifts elsewhere.

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