10 Great Topics For Your Nonprofit Blog or Email Newsletter

  • by Shala Graham
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If your nonprofit is the kind that only uses emails, social media updates, and blog posts to raise money, then you aren't using any of these tools to their full effectiveness.

Although online fundraising is important, you can support it with a variety of other items that will help you raise awareness, credibility, and public interest all at the same time. To help you understand why, here are 10 great topics for your nonprofit blog, email newsletter, or social media updates:

1. Progress updates.

Have you had a significant milestone for your organization or moved closer to achieving your mission? Use electronic communications to let the public know.

2. Personal stories.

Often, causes are difficult to understand or feel concerned about in an abstract sense. By sharing personal stories of the men, women, and children affected, you can persuade donors and volunteers to take action.

3. News about legislation and/or policy changes.

If the legal or political landscape surrounding your mission is changing, let your contacts know. It's a good way to keep them informed and possibly mobilize them to contact congressmen and other officials.

4. Updates to situations you've highlighted in the past.

Likewise, if you shared a personal story or legal update in the past, why not give an update and explain what has happened in the months or years since then?

5. Photo essays.

Nothing tells a story the way images do, and a photo essay can be perfect for helping to explain the situation or getting the public to notice an important issue.

6. Event announcements and recaps.

If you've had a successful rally, protest, fundraising event, or other significant gathering, use a recap and photos to share your story with the public. Just be sure to get the written permission of anyone you quote or show on your website beforehand.

7. Introductions for new staff members.

If you have new employees or key volunteers, introduce them to your contacts with a quick photo and bio. The more the public feels like they are a part of your organization, the easier your nonprofit is to support.

8. Volunteering opportunities.

Whether you need all kinds of volunteers or help with a specific task, event, or specialty, a blog post or social update can be a great way to ask for help.

9. Press announcements and highlights.

When you get good coverage in the news, make the most of it by summarizing the piece in your own marketing. Also be sure to include a link to the original reporting.

10. Fundraising drives.

Although we mentioned that you shouldn't use these tools only for fundraising, that doesn't mean you shouldn't ask for gifts early and often through your email marketing, nonprofit website, and associated social profiles.

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