The 2011 Design with Heart Award recipients are...


It is our great pleasure to announce the 2011 Design with Heart Award recipients. We had a very difficult time selecting only two organizations to serve as they were all so deserving.

Washington, DC

In the DC metro area, we selected Top Banana Home Delivered Groceries. Top Banana provides supportive home-delivered grocery service to frail, isolated seniors, especially those with limited incomes, and others who are unable to shop for themselves. Not only does their team bring groceries, they provide additional support around the house while they are there, such as putting groceries away, taking out the trash or replacing light bulbs. They are also another pair of eyes that keep a caring eye out for these vulnerable seniors living alone. The tentative project includes a re-branding with marketing materials and a tabletop display. To learn more about Top Banana, please visit:


In Colorado, we have selected Senior Mobile Dental. Senior Mobile Dental of Colorado Springs provides on-site dental hygiene care to nursing home residents and the vulnerable adult population (cleanings, assessments, varnishes, consults and dental referrals). They have gone from serving one location and 70 seniors in 2008, to serving 12 locations and 489 seniors in 2010! With the proper design and marketing tools in place, they have the ability to serve exponentially more with a unique and necessary service to a growing population. Our tentative project with them includes marketing materials, a new website and a direct mail campaign. To learn more about Senior Mobile Dental, please visit:

It looks like it's going to be a year for supporting the needs of our community's senior citizens! A special thanks to all who participated in our application review process. We could not have selected these organizations without you!


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Shala W. Graham
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