SW Creatives to Improve Client Interaction Policies


Recently, the SW Creatives team went on a staff retreat to Deep Creek, Maryland. We were able to discuss business strategies and goals for the future of SW Creatives, and simply have fun getting to know each other.

We wanted to let you know about some important decisions we've made that will affect the way we handle client projects. 

project Restart Fee

Our staff prides themselves on truly knowing and understanding our client's brand and vision. We aren’t just your designers or web programmers—we become your advocates. We’re proud of the great work that you’re doing and we want to support you however we can.

One of the challenges that we’ve been facing as our business continues to grow is managing the time that it takes to become reacquainted with a project after a significant delay in the original timeline. We understand that nonprofits have unique and sometimes unexpected challenges that make it necessary to delay a project. But in order to continue to serve our clients with the highest standard of excellence, we’ve had to come up with a way to reintegrate projects in to our schedule that is fair for both our staff and for our clients.

We have decided to implement a “Project Restart Fee” of $250 for any project that has been delayed or postponed by the client for 45 days or more. This fee will cover the time that it takes for our team to go back through the materials of a project, determine a new production schedule, and coordinate with the client to get the project restarted.

We hope that you understand the necessity for this fee and that this is simply a matter of respecting our client’s projects as well as our time and dedication. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

Concept Presentation Procedures

Another challenge that we’ve identified is the way in which we present our concepts to clients. When our designers sit down to work on a project, they aren’t operating from personal taste or preference—they’re thinking strategically about the project's purpose and using your organizations brand and vision as their compass.

In the past, we’ve sent concepts for projects like a new logo, a website design, or an annual report template to our clients in an email and ask that they provide feedback. But we’ve realized that it would serve our clients better if we walked them through the thinking behind the design.

So, going forward, we will request either an in-person presentation or a virtual screen share meeting where we can fully explain our strategy behind each concept. This will help our clients make more informed decisions and help us to better understand your thought process.

We are constantly working on improving our processes to make sure that we are serving you in the best possible way. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to let us know!