SW Creatives is now Certified as Branding Experts


At the end of April 2015, our principal and creative director, Shala W. Graham, attended the Brand Academy Branding Certification Workshop and earned us a certification as branding experts! As a design firm, we started providing branding solutions in 2008 by developing core messages, defining brand personalities, and of course supporting those by designing brand identities, websites and marketing materials. Now, we’ve learned and mastered the Brand Academy branding process, allowing us to refine our own process built specifically for nonprofits called the Trust Activator branding process.

“It was evident that Shala and her team at SW Creatives were experienced in providing branding solutions to their nonprofit clients. Energized by our Brand Academy workshop, Shala immediately embraced the training required to be certified in our proven branding process—a proprietary process developed over eight years. It’s been exciting to hear about the success the SW Creatives team has already had in implementing their newly refined branding process for their clients. We consider Shala to be one of our elite students.”

—Marcia Hoeck and Ed Roach, Brand Academy

As a result, SW Creatives is now fully stepping into its role as a branding and design consultancy. After all, our clients know that we have always taken a consultative design approach to their projects, guiding and coaching them along to make decisions that will build the brand and result in design solutions that increase web traffic, donations, membership engagement and more. We are excited about expanding the way we help nonprofits define their brands, from establishing their brand values and positioning, to conducting validation research and internal audits, and culminating in a brand standards manual to guide the organization forward.

If your organization is considering a rebrand, think of SW Creatives, experts in guiding nonprofits to build trust that drives action. Contact us today!