Giving Back in 2010


Last year was an amazing year for SW Creatives. Not only did we grow as a company, we were able to take on four great pro bono projects for great causes.

Miriam’s Kitchen

It all started with a request for pro bono work through Twitter to redesign their annual report. We responded to their request and began working on it based on the information they gave us from their last year’s report. The feedback from last year was to do away with the printed calendar, and save resources by just having an electronic annual report. Miriam’s Kitchen wanted something edgy, fun and creative. Since Miriam’s Kitchen corporate colors are blue and green we decided to use those colors throughout with large pictures. We used a textured background to give it a more edgy feel as well as big page numbers rather than small page numbers to bring out the fun aspect. Our goal was to highlight the programs while creating some visual appeal. View the annual report.

Give Campaign

The Friends of Cheyenne Cañon (FOCC) is a local non-profit in Colorado Springs for whom we were designing a website. As our process for the website began, they were elected to participate in the 2010 GIVE Campaign. The GIVE Campaign is a fundraising program sponsored by the Independent, featuring 40 non-profits, with a goal of raising money for a specific program for their non-profit. Part of being in the program is to help non-profits become more aware of available technology, such as Twitter and Facebook, in order to leverage it to raise money.

FOCC asked if we would donate time to help with this effort and we agreed. We created posters, setup their Twitter and Facebook pages, developed a tagline, created Facebook ads, and designed a program guide for their members dinner. Their new website was launched in the middle of the campaign and was used as a tool for donations to help with the campaign and spread the word about them. Overall the campaign was a success with the help of their volunteers, members and our materials.

Project Match Branding

Project Match is a unique non-profit organization in the Washington, DC area that matches talented students of color with boarding schools that will provide the appropriate atmosphere for growth. The organization needed a new website that would serve as a platform to bring awareness to the issues of minority access to quality and higher education, as well as debunking myths around the boarding school experience. Their old website and overall brand lacked a user friendly navigation and creative relevance to their work. After several rounds of research and conceptual development, a logo was designed to conceptually communicate a solid foundation of support and education that connects the students to the right opportunities. Through subtle details, the website carries the same concept of creating a strong foundation through the use of the crosshatch background pattern, which was inspired by the cross-connecting in the logo, and the use of a weighted brown bottom to give the feeling of the website sitting on a strong, solid foundation. The website was implemented on the Adobe Business Catalyst platform, which the client has been able to use to make in-house updates to the website. Following the website, the rebrand was completed with the design of a sophisticated stationery system. Visit their website.

Eat on Purpose

Though not a non-profit, this start-up venture had a great mission that needed support. The founder, Dr. Aisha Prim, had a desire to see our youth, particularly in minority communities, live healthier lives through proper nutrition. Born out of that desire was Eat on Purpose, which teaches youth and parents how to eat and what to eat. This project included a custom logo design, stationery, PowerPoint presentation template and a simple website template to get her moving toward her vision. See the identity design.