Giving Back

Giving Back in the Philippines

A Message from the Principal

Shala with her mother, IsabelI was raised by a mother who lived out being a servant on a daily basis. A wife, mother of four, private caregiver to the elderly, and the only sibling who made it to America from the Philippines; she has spent her life tirelessly giving back. She sacrificed her own dreams for the dreams of her children. She regularly sends money home to help support her siblings' families. She gives to those standing in the streets as a part of her "daily good deed" and always gave her tithes and offerings to her church.

Like my mother, I want to leave a legacy of service. It is an honor and privilege to use my talents to support the various missions of the nonprofit sector and other organizations that have the greater good at heart. But I know that I can do more.

At Brand calling, service is at the core of our mission. Giving back to our local and global community is our God-given mandate. Understanding that we can't give to everyone, we are committed to supporting a couple organizations, and we invite you to support them as well.

Creative Colony

In March 2014, Brand Calling opened Creative Colony, a coworking space for our fellow creative professionals in Silver Spring, which is operated out of our office. While coworking as an industry can be very profitable if you have lots of space and capital, that's not what Creative Colony has or is about. The very heart of this organization springs from our serve others. While yes, this needs to be a sustainable business, and ideally and profitable business, our heart is to help our fellow creative businesses grow. We’ve gone through the early years of business, we’ve been supported by so many other people and organizations, and so Creative Colony is our opportunity to provide and share our resources to help the next creative professional in their pursuit of business success.

Compassion International

It is hard to explain the joy and excitement that I have about partnering with this faith-based organization. The work they are doing to impact the lives of children across the world one at a time is amazing. The first child we sponsored is a little boy in the Philippines with the same birthday as Brand Calling, January 9, 2005. He is always on my heart, and it is truly my privilege to support him. Brand Calling now sponsors four children in the Philippines. We write to them and their parents, send birthday gifts, as well as Christmas gifts for our children and their families. And if we hear of a special need, we do our best to meet it.

For only $38 a month, you can join us in fighting poverty one child at a time. See which children are waiting for you to sponsor them.