The Bridge Church

The Bridge is a non-denominational church based in Silver Spring, MD, which began in 2007 with the goal of serving a diverse (ethnic, socio-economic, multi-generational) congregation. When The Bridge team came to us for help refreshing their brand identity, we began by helping them identify their core brand values. Based on those values, we developed a contemporary, impactful, vibrant and authentic visual identity.

Brand Values


The Bridge believes that relevance to culture is essential. As missionaries to our culture and community, we must meet people where they are. The “language” and style in which we minister is determined by our context. This requires a relentless commitment to change, innovation, creativity, and spiritual transformation in order to reach the world around us.


The Bridge is committed to being a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-generational church that impacts Greater Washington DC and the world for Jesus Christ. We have been placed in the middle of a transient community and marketplace. Our aim is to leverage this opportunity by making a difference. We make a difference as God’s witnesses by serving humanity, sharing God’s love, making disciples, and telling others about Jesus Christ.


The Bridge is committed to growing and thriving in every aspect. We aim to be a church where people are developing and experiencing life change. The heartbeat of our church is not just our Sunday morning gatherings, but small groups where people experience growth in the context of community.


At The Bridge, we strive to create and maintain a church culture where unbelievers are loved and unconditionally accepted. We want them to feel safe to explore faith and find it is easy to know Jesus Christ. We believe that God takes us “as-is” and then helps us to be the people He desires.

In their new logo design, the typography of the word “bridge” is intended to be both fresh & active, as well as provide an abstract representation of a bridge that crosses that gaps between man & God, between each other, and between church & society. The bright colors we identified were chosen because they are unique, creative and energetic. We also created stationery and identified brand typefaces. The brand values, personality, and identity were outlined in a brand manual for the church to use to keep building a consistent, recognizable brand.

Being guided through defining our brand values instantly helped us clarify the essence of our organization in a way that everyone could agree. Those values served as a lighthouse for how we communicate with our audience.
-Jumaine Jones, Lead Pastor

The Bridge logo


The Bridge Brand Guide

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