Nonprofit Village

Often, it’s the missing message, position and value proposition that creates the most branding problems for a nonprofit. Board members, staff, and volunteers don’t know how to communicate about the organization or what makes it unique in the sector. Helping Nonprofit Village identify these missing pieces was transformative for the organization.

We leveraged our Trust Activator branding process to develop a new brand for the Nonprofit Village, a shared space for nonprofits in Rockville, MD. The objective was two-fold:

  1. Study and explore the current state of Nonprofit Village’s brand,
  2. Establish a strategy to mature and communicate Nonprofit Village’s brand. 

Over the course of three, half-day branding sessions, we identified perceptions about their brand and defined new core brand values and brand personality traits. We also: identified their ideal member; crafted their brand message; validated their brand position; and explored their brand value proposition.

Brand Message (What do you do?)

We provide affordable physical and virtual space in a nurturing environment that promotes growth through connections and capacity building.

Brand Position (What makes you unique?)

The region’s leading shared spaced dedicated to growing nonprofits

Brand Value Proposition (What are the results from the value provided?)

As members in the leading nonprofit shared space in the region, organizations in the Nonprofit Village strengthen their effectiveness and advance their missions as part of a collaborative community.

Once we established the core elements of their brand, we conducted validation research to confirm our branding decisions. In addition to validating our branding decisions, we collected valuable feedback from members and community stakeholders around their perceptions of the Nonprofit Village and their services. This information allowed the Nonprofit Village to address concerns, as well as understand what perceptions need to be intentionally mitigated to protect and build their brand reputation.

We also completed a color analysis of leading competitors and identified a color scheme for the organization to consider when they start the design process. We concluded our work with a brand audit, noting both consistencies and deficiencies that should be addressed.

Brand Calling helped the Nonprofit Village compile a diverse group of stakeholders to identify and verify our brand. Work began through an independent strategic planning process, taking us deeper and broader in scope, allowing the organization to better understand our values, obtain objective feedback on perspectives, and create the unique niche that will define our work moving into our second decade. The process was enlightening, challenging, and creative, bringing us into a world of opportunity that will drive a stronger communications plan to ensure our audiences better understand our work and how we achieve our goals. Given the opportunity, we will work with the Brand Calling team in the future to expand these efforts as the Nonprofit Village continues to grow.
-Kim Jones, Executive Director

Color Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Perception Balancing

Trust Activator Branding Process