Minority Fellowship Program

For over 30 years, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) has funded the Minority Fellowship Program at the American Nurses Association. The Fellowship works to increase minorities in psychiatric-mental health nursing.

When they approached us for a proposal, they had a general idea of what they wanted to accomplish but were open to our recommendations. The client was in need of support for their fellowship's application registration for the next 12 months. After an initial consultation and reviewing the services needed, we provided a solution that would best meet their needs and be the best use of their grant funds.

Through a series of facilitated half-day sessions and subsequent calls, we worked with the fellowship to craft a 2017 online communications plan that included strategy around engaging prospective applicants on social media and at in-person events. We successfully identified their communication objectives, their target audiences with their desired actions, and their positioning statement. We also developed an in-depth communications calendar that outlined monthly themes, social media post topics, and which articles to write each month in 2017.

Positioning Statement

The Minority Fellowship Program is the only fellowship that provides funding and wraparound support for minority nurses pursuing advanced degrees in psychiatric-mental health and substance abuse services.

Throughout the year, we will provide design support for social media graphics, setting up templates for their internal team to work with. We will also set up various marketing automation campaigns in InfusionSoft and design necessary lead pages to capture potential applicants and nurture their interest in the program.

Mid-Year Results

The MFP team has been doing an amazing job at implementing the online strategies outlined in the plan. Here are some of the preliminary results:

  • Facebook followers doubled from 418 to 884
  • Twitter followers almost tripled from 140 to 396
  • By April, 82 fellowship applications had been started, roughly 4x more than prior years