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The Friends with Jesus Ministries, or Friends Ministries, was celebrating their 25th anniversary and needed to grow their donor and partner base. Friends Ministries is comprised of three core programs: Friendship House, Still Waters, and the Refinery. Each ministry operated their own website, but there was no website presence for the overarching organization. Brand Calling was tasked with creating a website that could serve as the new “home” for all of their ministries. With all program information found on one website, Friends Ministries now has a powerful tool which allows them to more effectively achieve their goals.

Friends Ministries is in the small and rural town of Bainbridge, GA with a population of about 30,000 in the county. Decatur County is one of the poorest counties in the state where agriculture and small business is central to their economy. Friends Ministries provides the only free after-school program that isn’t a part of a school in their community. They also run a temporary home for women and their children, as well as a nonprofit social enterprise to employ residents and former residents of Still Waters. Big on collaborative partnerships, they partner with organizations like the YMCA, Salvation Army, and United Way so that everybody does something.

It was an honor to partner with such a valuable organization on their first organizational website. Understanding that the primary audience for the website is donors, we developed a site architecture and content strategy that would allow them to reach donors and convert new site visitors into donors. We pulled content from their several existing resources and lead their team through the creation of new content. The organization had their own images and videos, which aided in telling their story in an authentic manner.

Like many nonprofit organizations, they needed a website that was easy to maintain in-house. We built their website on the SquareSpace platform because of its drag-and-drop interface and built-in security features. To ensure a smooth transition post launch, we provided their website administrators training. Since the training, they have already begun adding their own videos, changing images, and updating content. The sign of a successful launch and transition is when a client owns the site, the content, and maintenance with ease!

Friends Ministries has been giving underprivileged children and families a strong Christian foundation and has been providing positive life skills training in a safe environment since 1991. This past year we have had the privilege to partner with Shala in order to more effectively tell our story to our donors through a new web site. After our first phone conversation, I knew Shala was going to be the perfect match for what we were trying to accomplish. Her professionalism and strategic approach to meeting our ministries goals has been second to none. In fact, our relationship continues to grow as we have contracted with her to develop our organizations 2016 Annual Report in addition to our new web site. There’s no doubt she has a huge heart for building God’s Kingdom through the work she does in partnering with like minded believers to help develop and share the important work we do!-Joshua Paske, Administrative Director, CFRE
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